Tuesday, November 29, 2016


One by one
Stitchers unite
Give of themselves
To provide
           comfort and peace.

Stitch by stitch
Images to encourage
Names to remember.

Know by this act of love
We are One
And love will always triumph over evil.

-Jenny Williams

My modern day pilgrim: A poem about my father

There with us was an great electrician,
He was one of a kind, on a mission.
He was a burly man, strongest there was,
He was a handsome man with all his flaws.
Torn up clothes and old shoes were what he wore
He did not have much money, being poor.
He loves to play games on the computer,
When lights go out he’s the troubleshooter.
I did not find him unnerving or crude,
Even though he ate dehydrated food.
He believed in staying classical,
He had never been mathematical.
He had the mouth of a sailor, foul of tongue.
He had smoked tons, blackness covered his lungs,
He had a full beard of grays caused by his three girls.
His girls were beautiful, his little pearls.
I could not clearly describe the smell of that man,
It was a smell that reminds of the beach.

-Kier Bailey