Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just the kicker

I am the kicker, just the kicker
I know what I am destined to be
I hear the hike of the football
I see the field-goal post ahead
I know this kick will win the game
I am the punter, just the punter

I pretend I am in the NFL
I feel the pressure building
I sense the winning kick
I worry I won’t make it
I stay confident and strong
I am the kicker, just the kicker

I understand what’s at stake
I know I can do this
I know the sounds
I know the feeling
I know the atmosphere
I have been here before
I hear it, there it is, the snap, the hold …
I know it’s time to go
I dream I’m in the NFL
I thrive on the moment as the whole team chases me around the field
I see the Gatorade cooler being dunked on the coach
I am the punter, just the punter

I open my eyes
I see my cleats on the ground
I am sitting down looking at the turf field
I glance up to see my high school team practicing offense
I shake my head
I can hope my dream will come true one day
But …

I am the kicker, just the kicker.

-Aidan Marshall


She’s benevolent with a tinge of malevolence
I’m on the fringe of no longer being relevant
It’s become pretty prevalent
That my morals are desolate
So I tend to throw fits
And act a little Jekyll-ish
I try to fend off your hits
That you throw deep into the pit
of my psyche
I just want to confide in someone else besides

-Harrigan O’Connor