Thursday, October 29, 2015

Like The Wind

Let’s runaway
you can lead the way
show me your soul
and I’ll show you mine
together we can be unstoppable
No really, no one can stop us
They can try and oh how they will
but we’re like the wind
never knowing where we’re headed
just blowing along
So they can try to find us
but we’ll always be one step ahead
we weren’t meant for their world
So let’s runaway
you can lead the way

Friday, October 2, 2015

To Be or Not to Be A Unicorn

This is me.

My name is Sam.
I’m in 8th grade.
I want to be a unicorn.
I gallop when I run, just for fun.
I don’t know who to ask to be a unicorn,
so I just become one.

Two months have passed and I’m kinda relieved.
I’m becoming a unicorn, I believe.

Another day in boring math class, I endorse.
Then I hear a slight peeling
Now the truth is finally revealing.

A small thump on my desk
It's my horn.
The tape fell off.

It was the unicorn police
I swear
made me human again.

This is me.
My name is Sam.
I’m still in 8th grade,

a stupid human again.